Different kinds of Photography

I am very lucky when it comes to photography, as not only do I get to take photos of the UK, but I also get to take photos in many other countries of the world.  A few weeks ago, a different kind of opportunity arose when I was invited to take some photos of the first ship to be launched on my husbands project here in South Korea.  Not wanting to miss the chance, I headed down to the shipyard and proceeded to fill a whole CF card with images.  Of course, there were good and bad in the batch, but those I like the most have been included below …


2 Responses to Different kinds of Photography

  1. Matt says:

    This is a great set of photographs Julie. Lots of interesting angles and viewpoints. I really like the ones with the smaller tug boats next to the Independence. It helps to give a sense of scale to how big the ship is.

  2. Thanks Matt, it was a great opportunity – I wanted to do a few more abstract shots, but it was difficult as the shipyard are very protective and they do not like having photographers on site, although i was lucky to get permission this time round. My favourites are the ones of the bulbous bow showing the people on the quayside, that also puts things into perspective …

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