About Me

A little something about me:…

I have recently completed the OCA’s Photography 1: The Art of Photography course; my learning’s against this can be found at http://julieharding.wordpress.com, or by following the link “My OCA Learning Log ~ The Art of Photography” on the front page of this blog.  This work will be submitted to the OCA for formal assessment during the March 2013 Assessment Event.

On a personal note, I am a housewife from England, and spend much of my time bouncing between my home in the UK and the city of Ulsan in South Korea, where my husband lives and works building ships.  Finding myself out of work, and having received a Nikon D40x as a Christmas present a few years ago, I decided it was time to take the plunge, and try to learn about all those photography terms I had never really understood; ISO, F-stops, Aperture etc.  It took lots of hard work, and many, many hours of study; but thankfully, the Art of Photography course did exactly what I wanted it too and cemented this terminology, and its meaning into my photography knowledge, meaning I now understand the fundamentals behind taking good photographs.

My decision to take the Digital Photographic Practice course over People and Place as my next OCA assignment is two-fold, as I feel that before moving any further forward, I need a better understanding of the technicalities surrounding photography and I also need to tackle my next big challenge, which is the use of Photoshop.  These are therefore my aspirations for the next 12-months or so.

I have recently upgraded my camera and now shoot with a Nikon D800.  Having outgrown my D40x, I brought this camera in July 2012, but I am still getting to grips with its functionality and hope to use the course to help me do that, but more importantly, the improvement in my work could be seen almost immediately upon making the change, so I am happy that I decided to take this step.

At this time, it is my plan to take this course all of the way and hope to gain my BA (Hons) degree in photography at the end of my studies, but this may change over time, and we will see what happens over the coming months and year.


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