Favourite Photo’s of 2013

With DPP finished and time marching on towards the end of 2013, I have been tidying up and going through all of the work I have done over the past year.

Looking at my images, I can see a vast improvement in my photography; this seemed to happen around the middle of the year.  I am not exactly sure what happened, or why this change occurred, but I am much happier with the work completed in the later part of the year over the work conducted at the beginning of the year.

Perhaps this can be put down to my studying and the fact that I seem to be looking for something different in my photography now; I am not just content in taking photos anymore, but I have started looking for different angles, including mini stories in the frame, and just trying to achieve something a little different from what I have done before.

I am planning to take a little break from my studies, but will return to the books next year and look at the module called People and Place.  I have mixed feelings about this, but hope to continue seeing improvements in my work.

You can find my 30 favourite images from 2013 in the Photo’s I have taken tab above, and my top five below …

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