Workflow Update

It really is quiet surprising that I have only been shooting in RAW and using the Adobe Creative Suite software for a year; I feel so comfortable with both of these mediums now that I just cannot remember how things used to be before.

Aside from studying this module, I am also in the process of going through the work I have done over the past year, getting myself ready for submission in March 2014; ironically I had just been looking through the Workflow module when I started working on part five of DPP.  It was both interesting and enlightening to reacquaint myself with the processes I undertook back in January, my, how things have changed in the past 10-months.

I felt it only fitting to re-write my workflow, which I have just done and managed to fit on a large piece of A0 paper, yes, it took that much room to get everything on the page, and I have only really skimmed the surface on my post-processing learning.  The original scribbling’s for this can be found in my sketchbook.

There really has not been much change to my pre-shoot workflow, and I indicated that this would probably be the case back at the workflow module.  The only difference to be found here is the introduction of a grab bag to my kit; this is where I keep all of those small items I may or may not need during a photo-shoot; filters, spare batteries, memory cards.  By having these things in one easy to grab bag, I know where everything is, and I know that nothing will be forgotten.

However, the area that has seen the biggest change is my post-processing workflow, especially now that I shoot in RAW and Photoshop has been introduced into my daily photography routine.

Akin to the table I posted comparing Freeman’s proposed workflow to that of Steinmueller & Gulbins’, following is a breakdown of how things have changed for me:

Previous vs. Current Workflow I

Previous vs. Current Workflow

Previous vs. Current Workflow

Of course, this is a generic workflow that is easily adjusted to any specific requirements I need to consider for any photo-shoot and I am sure that over time this will change and grow as I change and grow as a photographer, but it is always good to sit and take stock, just to see where you started and in what direction you are headed.

Although I am a little loathed to conducted too much post-processing, I still need to learn and understand more about Photoshop’s Creative Suite, as I am sure this programme will continue to assist me, especially in the area of photo-management.  Another area I am interested in learning more about is how to prepare images for print, as although I may not be printing too many of my images at the moment, there will come a time when I need to master this, and laying the foundations now will be a good way to go.



Freeman, M.  (2011) The Digital SLR Handbook.  Revised 3rd Edition.  East Sussex: The Ilex Press Limited

Steinmueller, U., Gulbins, J.  (2010) The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook – From Import to Output.  Heidelberg: Steinmueller Photo.

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