ASSIGNMENT FOUR: Real Or Fake? – Tutor Feedback

Tutor Feedback for Assignment Four: Real or Fake has been received and posted under the Tutor Feedback tab of this learning log, please feel free to have a look.

I am really pleased with the comments made, especially as there are only three points that need addressing, two of which concern this assignment and the other the final assignment of this module.

My tutor has mentioned that she liked my ideas on the work I started surrounding miniatures and would like to see me develop this further.  During my assignment research I toyed with the idea of using miniature figurines in either a beach or farm scene, but was unable to find the right props to make the work I completed viable.  Since receiving this feedback, I have had some new ideas surrounding this and have even brought some models to be incorporated into one of my background images, so I hope to have this completed before the end of the module.

Another area that needs addressing is the possible loss of quality in my final image for the assignment.  This may be caused by the filter effect used in the image, but I will investigate further, especially after I have researched and completed the fore coming sharpening exercise.

Finally, I need to continue on with my reading of Charlotte Cotton’s The Photograph as Contemporary Art.  I have finally started reading this book (on the urgent advice of my tutor) and hope that it will assist with assignment five.

So, all in all, good feedback received – I just hope that I can continue on this vain through to the end of DPP.

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