Scott Kelby – Worldwide Photo Walk

On Saturday 5th October 2013, I took part in our local ‘Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk’.  This is an annual photography event, which takes place in cities all over the world; this event has not been organised to aid any charity, nor does it have any underlying theme, other than the opportunity for likeminded people to get together and take photos of their local area.

Our local walk took place here in Ulsan at Daewangam Park, a recently reclaimed and renovated area that sits along the coastline, adjacent with the Sea of Japan.  Around a dozen photographers joined the walk, so I would call that a success, considering the weather was dull and the sky quiet lifeless.

Having photographed in this park before, I knew what to expect from the location, but due to the weather, I was disappointed not to find much to photograph, although, what I feel are my better shots can be found under the photos I have taken tab of this blog.

More information regarding Scott Kelby’s annual Worldwide Photo Walk can be found at the following webpage:

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