Wrapping up ‘Processing the Image’

As we come to the end of this module, it is time to concentrate on assignment three – Monochrome.

When I set out with DPP, image processing was something I looked forward to working through, as the module has not only taught me some of the workings of enhancement software, but it has also taken away some of my fears in using computers to make changes to my work.  It has helped me realise that it is okay to manipulate images, as long as the manipulation is controlled and not taken out of context.

I have learnt about the properties of RAW, and can now appreciate why I use this medium when taking my photos – in the past I just used RAW because it seemed the right thing to do, but know I can see that there are endless opportunities available when working with this raw, unprocessed data.

As I worked through the black and white assignments, I have actually come to appreciate colour more.  I have been thinking in black and white for a few weeks now, and realise that it is actually colour and the combinations of colours that can make for good mono photography, as those colours convert into great tones, and tonal range is the fundamental base for black and white imagery.

In some instances, I found that the black and white converter in Photoshop can produce images that seem a little flat and in some cases, but with the knowledge gained during this module, we can inject life into a shot, making dramatic changes and interesting interpretations of the world around us.

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