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I love a gadget, especially ones that surround photography.  I also love APPS, especially ones that work on my iPad.  I have all sorts of different APPS from games, to weather predictions, from the news to dedicated photo sites where I can sit for hours pondering over the work of others, wondering if I will ever reach the same standard as some of my peers.

Unfortunately, there are lots of very naff APPS out there, especially ones dedicated to photography, so when I saw a Nikon APP advertised (as you know by now, I shoot Nikon) I was a little sceptical and wondered whether it would actually do as it was being promoted too.

If like me, you like all of your ducks in a row (!) and I am known to carry both the hard copy and a soft copy of my camera’s user manual.  I mean you never know when you might need to refer to it, and you never know when you might need a little reading material to while away some time.  When scanning through the Photofocus newsletter I receive most days, they were promoting the new Manual Viewer 2 APP from Nikon, where you can upload all of Nikon’s current equipment manuals, to carry around forever, all together in one place.

Intrigued, I upload the software and had a look through the offerings and can safely say I am impressed as they have everything there you could need for your equipment and the best thing is that it is free whoopee …..

So now, instead of carrying a rather thick D800 manual with me everywhere, I now have the details uploaded to my iPad, along with a few more titbits of information that could come in handy and I never have to worry about researching the functionality of my current camera again.

You can find the detailed review at the following we address:

Moreover, download the APP for both Apple and Android in the usual place.

Happy APPing …



Harrington, R.  (2013) Nikon Shooters: How to Always Carry Your Camera Manual [Online Article].  Available at: <>  [Accessed 16 July 2013].

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