ASSIGNMENT ONE: Workflow – Tutor Feedback

I was a little worried about opening the feedback I received from my tutor surrounding my workflow assignment when it arrived in my inbox on March 14th.  This was the first batch of worked submitted to my tutor, so I was a little anxious about her thoughts and feelings surrounding my work, so it was with anticipation I opened the word document attached to the email.

The feedback has been uploaded to the Tutor Feedback tab of my learning log and below I have highlighted some of the comments made that I need to work on over the coming days, months and years.

This first batch of feedback is really quiet positive, which blew me away really as I was expecting something a little more critical, but hey, I am not complaining as it has really given me a boost!

Workflow – Planning

Surrounding the planning of my workflow, the only real suggestion that was made concerned pre-trip planning and the inclusion of this within my workflow where necessary.  For this assignment, I did not pre-visit the site of my photo-shoot as I had been there before and knew what to expect from the location, but as previously mentioned in my writings, all photography shoots will be different, and this is something that should be considered for future assignments (be them for pleasure or assessment).

In this section, my tutor also suggested that I need to think about building on my equipment, especially in the case of this shoot as it involved water and there could have been an opportunity to slow my shutter speed down to capture some more fluid water movements.  I did not take a tripod with me for this trip, as I did not think that the opportunity to include these kind of photos would arise, but adding a tripod to my equipment list is something I should seriously think about, as you just never know when the opportunity to use one might arise; such as situations where the light becomes poor, or if I want to extend my shutter speed to capture something different in my images.  There was also mentioned of using a neutral density filter, again something I have thought about in the past, so something I need to add to my kit bag?


The feedback surrounding my images was very positive and included the statement,

“The images you have chosen work well together to describe ‘in search of water”.

So, I must be on the right track when thinking about images that work well together and those that do not.  Although, it was also mentioned that a couple of the shots, including the one I chose as my final image, were a little on the dark side and like everything in photography, it always comes down to personal preference and what you want to see in an image, as I like the way both of the images mentioned look and feel.

I want to have a play with these two shots to see if I can brighten them a little, but at this time I have no access to Photoshop, so I will add this to my list of things to do in the near future.

So, all in all the feedback received was very positive and at this very early stage of DPP I seem to be on the right track.  My Learning Log is coming together nicely, and as before, I now need to build on this and start writing everything down to show my progress within photography.

Onwards and upwards …

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2 Responses to ASSIGNMENT ONE: Workflow – Tutor Feedback

  1. profstoff says:

    Well done Julie. It’s good to get the fald you first one out of the way as you are, in a way, feeling the ground with a new tutor. Glad you got a boost from it.


  2. yes, it does feel good to get that first one ‘under the belt’ although it has been such a long time since i sat and actually studied, that it is going to take me ages to get back into the swing of things! but thanks for the encouragement – it is always good to receive a pat on the back from one’s peers ….

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