If you know me, then you will know that I am a stickler for studying and for reading up on things and trying to understand the fundamentals of everything.  This is not only my joy in life, but it is also my curse as I cannot leave things be, not until I have read, watched and re-read everything I can about a particular subject.

To this end, I am a subscriber to various photography podcasts, some are very mediocre and a little annoying, but I have found a very reliable and interesting source of information in the form of the Harvard Extension Schools Computer Science Division.

Their series of podcasts titled ‘Exposing Digital Photography’, contains fifteen lectures covering a wide variety of subjects from Digital Cameras, Histograms and Exposure, of which each subject is available in either a QuickTime, MP3 or PDF format’s. I have not watch all of the lectures yet, but the video I watched on Histograms definitely filled in some gaps and answered some questions, so I look forward to working my way through each file over the coming weeks/months.

If you are interested, these podcasts can be downloaded from iTunes; the full series title is:

Harvard Extension School’s Computer Science E-7: Exposing Digital Photography by: Dan Armendariz.

Or you can find the series at the following website:




Armendariz, D.  (2009) E-7: Exposing Digital Photography [Online].  Harvard Extension School’s Computer Science Division.  Available at: <http://tv.cse7.org/2009/fall/#l=assignments&r=license&v=lectures/1/lecture1&gt; [Accessed February 2013].

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