During my TAOP module, I worked in almost isolation apart from the support I received from a few Facebook friends and from a guy I corresponded with, who was based in Japan, and at the same level as me with the OCA.  This time round, I am lucky to have established a support base, which includes a group of students, all studying various levels of DPP, where we can share ideas, worries and general musing over our work during the module.

Having finished my first exercise, I had a quick look over the work of my colleagues to see if I am on the right track, and it has really dawned on me that my background and digital knowledge within photography is seriously behind everyone else and I have a long way to go to catch everyone up – if I ever do.  My tutor has suggested that I finish my first assignment by February 28th, which is less than 4-weeks away and I really do not think I am going to do it.

Over the weekend, I was speaking with my husband about my photography and he asked me why I always felt like I was behind with everything (which I do feel), I couldn’t really answer him at the time, but thinking about this today I could give him two answers to the question.  Firstly, as mentioned above, my background knowledge on everything photography is null, so it takes me a while to do some research and to really understand what it is the exercises are asking of me – after all, gaining a knowledge and understanding about photography is the reason why I took this course in the first place, and secondly, as I am concentrating on this work towards gaining a degree, I feel that I need to document everything I do, think or feel, which unfortunately takes time and lots of effort.

So, although I feel a little pressure, I am really enjoying this course of study and feel that I am really getting to grips with it all, one blog post at a time …

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3 Responses to Musings

  1. Matt says:

    Julie, DPP is a very different type of course to TAOP. I’ve nearly completed mine now and found it very challenging. I’ve found Twitter to be a great source of information, to help me along the way.
    Good luck for your 1st assignment.

  2. profstoff says:

    Julie – sorry you feel under pressure. Other student’s work is there to inspire and encourage not make you feel as though you are behind. I applaud the amount of documentation you do. I look at your blog and see that you are researching the subject very thoroughly. This means that you will probalby come out of the course at the end with a much deeper understanding than someone who might seem like they are starting ahead of you, but then don’t delve as deeply. I’ve certainly learnt a lot reading your blog! Same with tutor’s dealines for assignments. They are given to provide a bit of structure to an open-ended course and are a guideline. It doesn’t matter if you miss them and you’re not letting yourself or your tutor down.
    So keep up the research and the extensive posts.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for the support. It has been an interesting week and I have really enjoyed working my way through Histograms and their use in reading photos, I had got it all wrong before, which really put me off of using them, but now the coursework has forced me to look into the subject, I can see that it isn’t as daunting as I thought and now i really understand their function. It is like everything i have done so far, i fear going onto the next subject as i feel there is so much work for me to do, but then when i start looking at everything it all seems to click into place and isn’t as daunting as i thought it would be!
      Thanks also for your comments on my blog. I have never really had anyone comment that it’s structure is good or bad, so it is nice to see that you are able to understand it, and that you get something from it, which i suppose is what it is there for at the end of the day.
      Good luck with DPP and looking forward to keeping up with you blog too ..

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