Nice Photos!

In the past, I have always kick started my blog with some witty quotations or meaningful musings about my wants and needs for the coming months, but as this is a new module and a new year, I thought I would skip all of that and post a couple of photos I found that are inspirational.  I have just spent a few days writing up about my second photo shoot that took place back in December, you can find the details of this under the ‘My Projects’ tab under ‘Model Photo Shoot Pt.2’, so it is now time to start concentrating on my course work, but before that …

As I recently went and took some sunrise photos, the photo below really caught my eye and actually stopped me in my tracks to take a closer look.

Kaktovik Sunrise

Kaktovik Sunrise

Cornforth, J.  (2012) Kaktovik Sunrise Abstract 1 [online image].  Available at [Accessed 15 January 2013]

I received this via email from the online version of Outdoor Photographer Magazine, and I think it is just visually stunning.  The colours in the frame really appeal to me, and I find the straightness of the lines and the way they merge together very comforting.  This is one of those photos that portray a feeling of calm.  I am 100% sure that this is not what the photographer saw when he took the photo and that it has been manipulated in some way, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was a true representation that stopped you in your tracks and made you just stare.

This second image was taken in Great Winsor Park, and is a different representation of this iconic landscape.

Love in a cold climate

Love in a cold climate

Howarth, H.M.  (2012) Love in a cold climate [online image].  Available at: [Accessed January 7 2013]

I like the feel of isolation that this photo represents and the fact that the photographer has taken the shot from a very low angle.  The author has stated that he has enhanced this shot a little to make the couple stand out more within the frame, and I like this as they may otherwise have been lost in the mist.  This is a shot I would like to one day try and replicate, perhaps not in the exact same way, but as a version along the same theme.

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