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I think it must be about 3 months since I did any kind of real studying, I mean you can not really call pulling together all of the work I have done over the past year and a half ‘studying’, but I must admit that I learn quiet a lot over those weeks, especially surrounding how I want to present my work for the coming assessments and more importantly how much I have actually achieved since starting this programme back in August 2011.

It isn’t appropriate for me to sit here and write pages and pages about how I have progressed and how much I enjoyed my first OCA Photography course – come on, I did that whilst wrapping up my Art of Photography blog and now it is time to move forward and get on with the new task at hand.

My Blog

My new blog is laid out much the same as before, although I have changed the template (I like having different pictures I have taken across the top of the screen) so things may have moved around a little.  I now feel that the layout flows better and make more sense, so now it is just a case of filling the pages with lots of lovely photography information …

The Aims of the Course

Having read through the coursework (gulp) and looked at the paperwork received from the OCA, the following, taken directly from the coursework received, are our proposed aims from studying Digital Photographic Practice:

Photography 1: Digital Photographic Practice aims to develop your understanding of some key issues in commercial and fine art photography.  You’ll gain an awareness of the expected standard of image quality and develop an effective workflow to achieve this standard.  You’ll also consider the manipulation of images and reflect on the nature of truth in photography and the creation of meaning through photographic imagery.

On successful completion of the course you’ll be able to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the image quality expected in photographic practice.
  • Use an effective workflow to develop images of the appropriate standard.
  • Produce images with differing degrees of manipulation and understand the ethical issues associated with manipulation.
  • Reflect perceptively on your own learning experience.

Definitely liking the sound of this so far, as not only will we be looking at issues that are close to my heart (ethics associated with the manipulation of photographs), but we will also be looking at the fundamentals of workflow and digital practices, so I will be forced to look at Photoshop (my programme of choice), which is good.  Hidden away within the lines and paragraphs of my coursework, I am sure there is a mountain of other things I need to climb, I am really looking forward to finding the new challenges ahead of me.

Continuing through the introduction, for our final assignment we are expected to put together a collection of 10-12 images that reflect and apply what we have learned throughout the course.  These images should be based on something that we feel enthusiastic about, or have some in-depth knowledge of, so that could prove interested – oh, we have to write an essay to accompany this!

We have been given comprehensive reading lists of both essential titles, such as ‘Mastering Digital Photography’ and ‘The digital SLR Handbook’, both by the author of our course, Michael Freeman, and further recommended reading where the titles concentrate not only on digital practices but also colour, light and the background of photography.

In the past, I have found it an issue to find secondary resources for my research, but the OCA have provided us with a small list of essential journals and websites to look at and follow, so hopefully this will encourage me to practice my research with better effect this time round, instead of frightening me by providing page after page after page of details to plough through!

This time round things feel different.  Perhaps it is because I am not a newbie anymore and I know what is expected of me now, or perhaps the quality of the information provided prior to my studies is different/better, which has in turn assured me that everything is going to be okay, but I definitely feel calmer and more confident in my knowledge of what lies ahead, although I am sure that that will all changed when I get down to the bear-bones of studying again…

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